Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Apartment!!!!!!!!!

Backyard -needs a little maintenance.  But check out the view of cute cottage houses!

Reading Nook

Gray likes it!

Pocket doors for separation between living rooms.  Those are my baby apricot trees!



New String of Pearls Plant-  which is apparently poisonous to cats - so it will remain at great heights.

What a show off!

One of my favorite photos Paul took of my kitties fight-playing (aka Blacky being a bully)

The boxes are away, the pictures are up.... it feels like HOME!!  We had our first overnight guests yesterday.  Peter's uncle and cousin came and we cooked a delicious dinner, went for a nice walk, and had a lot of good conversation.  We haven't set up our studio/guestroom yet - but the pocket doors and fold out couch in the livingroom offers a decent amount of privacy.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost Home

Well - we have been in our new apartment for about a week now!  There are still boxes galore and lots to unpack.  But it is starting to look and feel like home.  The cats have adjusted and we've been cooking delicious meals.  Peter took out the hideous cabinets in the kitchen and built beautiful open shelves, just like I wanted.  He also found this adorable plane lamp, which most likely belonged to a 10 year old boy in the 50's, that I love soo much.  More pics to come.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

So much to come

Moving into the new apartment today and all of this weekend.  Lots of before and after shots to come.  EEEEEEeeeeeh so excited.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Georgia- Jekyll Island


Lastly we went to Jekyll Island, before flying home.  It was a bit touristy, but their were some really beautiful hidden spots.  The spanish moss was everywhere not just on Jekyll Island and it was amazing and beautiful and haunting.  In this last picture there are two pelicans sitting on posts at the end of the small pier.

Georgia - Bird Watching

We went up the coast of Georgia to Harris Hill, and saw thousands of storks nesting (Hard to tell but they are the white dots on the tip top of the trees in the lake).  It was really beautiful.  Peter and I were obsessed with the crocodiles that were ALL over!  Tons of baby crocs all along the shore where we were walking, and when you looked into the nockers (as Peter's family calls them) you could see giant mama and papa crocs. 

Georgia- Beach

The beach was beautiful!  We went at low tide, when there was almost moats and island of sand way further out towards the ocean.  Sometime you would see people and dogs splashing around out there.  As you can see there were sooo many jelly fish on shore.  It's hard to tell in the pictures but the shore was just lined with them. 

Georgia - Arriving

I'm baaaack.  I have been crazy busy with work and obsessing over my move into our new apartment next week.  But, Peter and I went on a fabulous trip to St.Simon, Georgia - and I thought I should post a few of the gazillion photos I took.  We went to visit his grandparents who were down there for a couple months for their own vacation.