Monday, June 28, 2010


I have been thinking about making a line of envelope and card sets.  I have three themes in mind and for each theme I would have three variations.  Each theme would be a set (is this making any sense?)   Here are my themes: insects (beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers) nature (bark, leaves, feathers) and geometric shapes (triangles, zig zags, and swirls).  I wouldn't mis match themes, for each themes I would have three different sized shapes and versions of the image for a car/envelope.  For example one card might have a big beetle on the front a tiny new beetle on the front corner of the envelope and a medium sized beetle on the back seal.  Soo.. If i did these three sets with three subsets each I would have to make  27 stamps.  Which is plausible -  I just need to make time.  Hmmm give me suggestions... I'm still working this out in my head.

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