Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy Shop Update

Hi guys...
Long time no type.  I seem to only post when big things are happening, and well... big things have happened.  I got married, moved to Brooklyn, and reopened my Etsy Shop.  I am hoping that this move, and change in jobs will allow for more time creating/blogging.  I hate to keep saying I'm starting this blog up again, only to post once and let it fall wayside.  But I am going to make a whole hearted attempt at dedicating more time to posting.  Our apartment and my studio are still in shambles, so it might be a slow start, but none the less it feels great to be back.  I will be posting soon about this past summers natural dye experiments and some up coming projects.  But anywhoo it's late, so I am off to bed.  I will leave you with some images of my recent knits, items in the shop.

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