Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 Hi guys!  After being moved in almost two months, our apartment is actually complete!  No more boxes!! I'm really happy with what we've done.  I really put Peter to work... he did sooooo much, shelves, shelves, and more shelves, pot racks, mounting a TV to a wall that we discovered had a chimney behind it (a nightmare!).  It definitely was not all fun, but we are both super happy and it really feels like home.  If you are friends of ours and looking at this - come visit!!!

Studio/Office.  We bought lumber and built a 10' desk and shelf.  It's so nice to finally have my stuff set up again.  I missed sewing sooo much!  It's nice to be organized.

Living Room.  Painting by Henry Scheck - Peter's grandpa.  Peter built this coffee table a while ago for our last apartment.

Living room.  Peter brought back this gigantic plant from the last movie he was working on.  I love it, and I'm going to try my best not to kill it.

Music area.  Peter put all these shelves up for our ever growing record collection.  This is where we spend a lot of our time.

Kitchen/Prep area - Peter's dad fixed up this old butcher block table that use to belong to Peter's grandparents.  It's the best.  Since we have hardly any counter space, it really comes in handy.  Peter put up the copper pot rack above - it was a nightmare to install.  He is a good husband.

World tiniest kitchen.  I've been cooking a lot, a) because I have a lot of time off, not working and all and b) because every time Peter tries to cook in here he gets super upset.

Bedroom- Our friend Laura made this painting for Peter and I for our wedding.  I'm obsessed with it!  I got these reading lamps on ebay - also fantastic!

Bedroom- There was sooo much furniture left in this apartment.  We ended up getting rid of everything except for this dresser.

 Bedroom - this seems like a nice place to sit and read a book, but Gray cat has taken over this chair.

Entryway.  Peter's grandma gave us this hand hooked bird rug.  The little bench use to be my great grandmas, it's been reupholstered.

Bathroom.  We took down the wobbly shower head and curtain holder and committed to bath.  It's the best!!  The tub even has working jets! Very relaxing.

Here is a before picture.  The bathroom is the only room we did a lot of work too.

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