Wednesday, April 20, 2011


      This post is a little more depressing than my usual ones.  But I can't shake this image from yesterday, it is haunting me.  On my drive home from work, I was one block away from my house and right in front of me a woman lay collapsed.  She had just been shot, I mean I must have missed the actual shooting by seconds. Hardly anyone was on the scene, maybe 8 kids, one of which was grabbing for cloth to compress the gun shot wound on her chest.  As I drove by the kid who was by the woman's side, made eye contact with me through my car window, and he just had a sheer look of shock and panic, yet he was still able to take control of the situation.  I wonder if I was there a minute earlier and saw it happen, how I would react?   Would I be able to take control of a situation like that?  Would I know what to do?  Dazed and confused I drove to the end of the block and parked, a few seconds after I got out of the car I heard sirens - I just went in my apartment and slowly went about my normal business.  According to Buffalo News, it was a 21 year old woman, most likely a student from the college campus across the street.  You hear about people being shot all of the time in Buffalo, and sure maybe not too far from my neighborhood.  But seeing it first hand, one block down from my house has me a little freaked to say the least.  Especially because I'm pretty sure this girl happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, she didn't look like the type of girl who was involved in anything that result in being shot.  She is in critical condition - I hope everything will be okay.
       Blahhhh on that note, here is a happy Fleetwood Mac video from Tusk,  which my boyfriend introduced me to yesterday- he has an even better song (the ledge) on his blog.

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