Thursday, April 7, 2011


   Every year for the past four years, Peter and I have gone to Maine for our summer vacation.  Some years we went alone, just the two of us, and others with a huge huge group of friends.  I am madly in love with Maine, and all the memories I have of being there.  However, I miss the beach.  I grew up going to the beach (Bethany Beach in Delaware specifically) every summer.  The routine always went something like this: pack the cooler, set up umbrellas and chairs, float in the ocean for an hour or two, eat sandy pb&j sandwiches, bury your brother in the sand, come home and take a shower outside, eat a great meal, and hope hope that the arcade and candy store were in the cards for the evening. 
   Well, this year I booked five nights camping in Lewes, Delaware (a fifteen minute drive from Bethany!) on a campground right on the ocean!  It's like the cheapest trip I have ever planned, and much closer than trips to Maine have been.  I'm going to take the extra money and invest it in some camping luxuries - so it is less roughing it and more comfortable.  I'm thinking air mattress, big canopy or screen hut for daytime hanging out (get away from the bugs), fresh seafood - lobsters, crabs, scallops, mussels mmm.., things like that.  It's nice to have something concrete to look forward to, I've been working so much and it's been so long since my last vacation.  Here are some great old school beach photos to encourage daydreaming about summer.

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