Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I had a pretty lovely 3 day weekend.  Me and two of my friends drove to Cazenovia, NY to this house to buy my very first, very beautiful 22" LeClerk table loom

The drive out there was really serene and beautiful, lots of farm land, and animals, and rolling hills.  After Cazenovia we took 13S to Binghamton and hung out with my mom, went to a flea market, drank a lot of wine, cooked delicious food, watched bad movies.

And then onto our new destination, Otisco Lake.  Amanda's dad had a camper right on the lake and a boat.  We barbequed, sun bathed, went swimming, and zoomed around the 7 mile lake like it was nobody business.  The weather was perfect and I got a nice tan.

And now... I am back at work.  I have so many pictures to post, of my loom, the studio (which has totally come together, and looks amazing!), some areas of my house that I have reaaranged.  Hopefully I will get these up by next week.

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