Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Block Prints

I got another order for napkin/tea towel set in my leaf print.  Here are some things I am learning about this block printing:

1) When you are using the white floppy rubber carving stamps, glue the stamp to a wood plank.  My leaf stamp is already in pretty rough shape from the amount of use it is getting.  The wood will g=keep it from bending and splitting.

2) Use a big clean table to work.  Last night I printed this red set on my bedroom floor, it took about three hours to complete, and I'm feeling it today.  Being hunched over and kneeling on wood floor is not the most comfortable way to go about this (I can't wait to get into my new studio!! so soon!)

3) Cut and prep extra napkins, or tea towels (or whatever you happen to be making).  If you mess one up  you will have an extra one all set to go.  It is pain and can be tricky when you have paint all over your hands and supplies everywhere to get scissors, fabric, and an iron ready.  

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