Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When I was younger I wanted to move to California.  I was obsessed with the idea.  It wasn't like I had ever even been there before, but I think the idea of the sun and beaches all year round sounded so good.  Plus I wanted to be a way cool California surfer girl... kind of grungy, kind of hippie, kind of 100% awesome.  Anyways, that has all changed.  I love the east coast so much, I could never leave.  And I don't mean NY, I mean the coast coast (mainly north east coast).  I love Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, you name it.  I would be so happy living in any of these places.  Almost every town on the coast has cute cobblestone roads and shops and cafes, everyone wears white linen everything, everyone owns a golden retriever.  The seasons still exist, and Fall is just as amazing and beautiful as Summer, if not more so.  Can  you imagine how magical Christmas would be in a cottage close to the harbor?  Everything seems a little bit slower in these areas, and people take the time to enjoy things more, like walks, and food, and friends and family.  It seems like a great place for artists or writers to live.  If I don't end up moving to the northeast coast, maybe I can at least retire there.

Rhode Island




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