Sunday, January 23, 2011


    So, recently I have been thinking so much about how great it would be to own a little shop.  I could have my studio in the shop and spend the day working on fun projects.  It would honestly be my ideal job.  I obviously won't do this anytime this year, but I think I might seriously consider it, if I do well on Etsy and everything.  My imaginary shop is filled with handmade and upcycled things.  There would be items as simple and small as felt flower pins and soaps, to things as large and labored as refinished cabinets and reupholstered chairs.  My shop would also have a bakery corner, where I would sell dinosaur cookies in frostings of every color, and cupcakes galore.  It would most definitely have a store cat roaming around.  And at night I would offer classes, maybe not so much focused on instruction and technique, but we would have a tie dye night, jewelry making night, slipper knitting night, etc...  there would be wine, cheese, strawberries, music, and a little bit of gossip.  I would also have a plant wall, and a vintage shoes for sale, dangling from the rungs of old worn out ladders lining a wall.  Hmmm.... one of these days.  Until then, I'll keep dreaming.  Here are some inspirational shop images.

The new shop section of the cafe


  1. Thanks for including us, we're in great company here! Here's to making your imaginary shop a not-so-imaginary shop soon! <3 Renegade Gang

  2. Woah!! You guys just made my day, huge inspiration!

  3. Uh, thank you so much for linking me :-)
    Have a great day.

  4. carly! i just started reading your blog! i really do hope you open a beautiful, little shop one day. I could only imagine how much fun people would have sifting through all the whimsical, unique, precious gifts you would choose to put in your shop. If it looks and feels anything like the beautiful corners you created in your apt im positive you would have no problem keeping people coming through the doors.