Monday, January 31, 2011


So I just had the most perfectly fantastic weekend!  Peter and I went to Toronto for a show at The Drake and stayed the night.  We went up early Saturday, and spent the day shopping around Queen St and eating.  About an hour before we left, I noticed my passport was expired by one week exactly, after a mini nervous breakdown we left anyways.  Entering and leaving, they didn't even notice!! I am so lucky.  We hit up my usual favorites:
The Paper Place

Rotate This!  My favorite record store- also the best website to find shows going on in Toronto.

Where I bought this (for 4$):
and this:
White Squirrel Coffee, where Peter got a dissappointing cup of coffee, though I don't remember this usually being the case.

La Hacienda, where I got the most delicious brie and sundried tomato omlette.  We always end up at this place, the lighting and vibe of the inside is kind of magical.

And I found some new places, such as Americo, my new favorite yarn shop.  The colors and styles were like nothing I've ever seen before.  I wanted everything!  But I opted for the Merino Copito in the prettiest taupey-violet color (not pictured below).

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