Thursday, February 17, 2011


So I feel like it's been forever ago since I decided I wanted to open an etsy shop.  It has taken me forever to get things together.  I really wanted to stick with a core group of projects, and I wanted to make sure what I was making was good... not just good, amazing.  I've finished my initial set of scarves, I've even completed hand printed tags for them (I'll post pictures soon),  now I have to work on my little bags, and hand block printed napkins, and dish towels.  I ordered 10 yards of muslin, which I got for a steal on ebay.  Eventually I'll add socks to my knits, and placemats and tablecloths to my block prints.  Sometimes I think I've gone crazy - I keep buying supplies and supplies and wonder what am I doing... but hopefully something will come of it.  I guess even if nothing does, it's been really fun learning how to make all of these things, I mean I would continue to make things regardless.  Below are some inspirational images from Philadelphia's, Galbraith & Paul-  who do handprinted textiles and wallpaper (link below, with images).

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