Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I recently purchased Lena Corwin's book, Printing by Hand.  It is perfect.  I love making stamps, I love fabric, I love the idea of creating my own patterns for fabric, and doing it by hand is fun and so inexpensive.  I haven't made anything yet, but once i finish up some of these knitting projects I'm definitely going to go stamp crazy.  Not only does the book explain things precisely, but the images, designs, and projects within are really beautiful and inspirational.

I also bought Kari Chapin's book, The Handmade Market.  This book is a million times better than Adeena Mignogna's.  Kari's book really tells it to you straight, it gives you details on every aspect of the handmade business.  She also incorporates advise from really successful crafty sellers.  It really is the bible of selling handmade goods.  I'm plowing through the book now, and I'm sure I will be riffling through it on a weekly basis for months to come.

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